About Us


Founders, Nikolas Aixala and Connor Sazant, having both spent countless hours of their summers playing and practicing in its' gym, wanted to help Gibson Park's basketball program.  Now, as we are both approaching the second half of our high school career, we have come to appreciate the impact Gibson Park has had in our formation.  We would like to give back to the community that has given so much to us. We want to raise monies to purchase basketball shoes for the young kids, who spend their after school hours in the gym. There is no better way to keep these less fortunate young athletes engaged in sports than providing them with an opportunity for a better future.

Our History


First introduced to Gibson Park, because of their travel basketball team was based there, Niki and Connor have been playing at Gibson Park since they were both in seventh grade. We spent countless nights practicing with our team every week. We have been playing basketball for the majority of our lives and love the sport .

Our Mission


 We would like to provide as gifts a pair of basketball shoes to the boys and girls who play at Gibson Park after school. While the park has created a basketball league, we want to help them keep these youths engaged and have therefore decided to contribute to their efforts. The Overtown Optimists club started the league not too long ago  The Optimists run all the programs at the park. We want to equip these kids with a proper pair of basketball shoes to play in, so that they, too, can enjoy the moment to the fullest.